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Apartments M&I are situated in a quiet suburb of Vodice, in Srima, only 40 meters from the sea. Our apartments offer an alternative to hotels, with the comfort and advantages of a home, so they are suitable for families with children and everyone else who wants to spend a pleasant holiday in a quiet environment. Given that all apartments are facing the sea, the balcony offers a magnificent view of the sea and the islands.

We hope that you'll find an apartment in our offer that will satisfy your desires!

Our Apartments

Apartments M&I are located only 40 meters from the sea and have 3 apartments intended for 4+1 persons. One parking space is provided for each apartment in the yard. All apartments have a standard that meets the 3 star rating.

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Vodice, Srima

Vodice is a tourist town that offers a multitude of bars and restaurants and a rich night life. In the extension of Vodice is Srima, connected with the center of the town with a beautiful seafront promenade. Srima is a quiet resort, away from summer rush. It's nice pebble beaches attract swimmers to seek refreshment in the clear blue sea. Our house is distanced by a 5 minute walk along the coast to the center of Srima, where you can buy all the necessary groceries and fresh caught fish. White stones and Mediterranean vegetation dominate the environment and give a true Mediterranean experience.


  • Beach: 40m
  • Shop: 150m
  • Caffe Bar: 100m
  • Restaurant: 100m
  • Tourist agency: 500m
  • Srima center: 500m
  • Vodice center: 1500m

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